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I would add that you see but you don’t really see. In absence of absolute presence, you still can see even what others are telling they are seeing. Happy October!

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Sorry - I put my comment on Wrestling in the wrong spot 🤪.

Maybe the advent of AI will help my Long Covid infected neurological system which just over the past six months of my now THREE year journey has begun to diminish my memory, my speech and my ability to read and comprehend - For a guy who everyday sees his brain seemingly shrink out of his head, maybe AI might be my only shot at having any kind of a “normal” life again.


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Maybe living in A.I. mode is less hurtful for many. Not for me. We need to then become hackers of our own intelligence? That’s tough!

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Amen, Amen, Tom (and Rick Ruben). I’ve often marveled at the way these guys and girls really do whatever it takes to NOT hurt the other person.

If only “real life” encounters and relationships could be the same…

I wonder what kind of a world we could make then…

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